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Injective Bridge

The Injective Bridge can be found here.

Injective is a blockchain built specifically to support financial applications. A key strength of Injective is its ability to perform seamless cross-chain transactions with the majority of popular blockchains.


The Injective Bridge supports:

  • Wormhole - Cross-chain connections
  • Peggy - Trustless, on-chain, bidirectional ERC-20 token bridge to and from Ethereum
  • IBC - Cosmos IBC-enabled chains

You can use the Injective Bridge to transfer assets in and out of Injective with the following blockchains:

  • Andromeda (IBC)
  • Arbitrum (Wormhole)
  • Axelar (IBC)
  • Celestia (IBC)
  • Cosmos Hub (IBC)
  • Crescent (IBC)
  • Ethereum (Peggy)
  • Ethereum (Wormhole)
  • Evmos (IBC)
  • Kava (IBC)
  • Kujira (IBC)
  • Migaloo (IBC)
  • Noble (IBC)
  • Oraichain (IBC)
  • Osmosis (IBC)
  • Persistence (IBC)
  • Polygon (Wormhole)
  • Secret (IBC)
  • Solana (Wormhole)
  • Sommelier (IBC)
  • Stride (IBC)