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Injective is a community-run blockchain and users who have staked INJ are able to participate in governance as it relates to the blockchain. Proposals can be submitted to make revisions to Injective programs, tech upgrades, or any other Injective related changes that impact the entire Injective ecosystem.

Within Injective Hub, new proposals are submitted through the governance portal and voted on by the entire community.

Submitting a request

To submit a new request, you must create a proposal that outlines what you would like to change, what areas within Injective this change may impact, and why you are requesting this change.

Upon creating a proposal, you must deposit at least 10 INJ (10e19 inj) to submit it for governance. This is to ensure that you are an active participant of the Injective community, and thus eligible to make proposal requests.

For the proposal to pass to the voting stage, 100 INJ (10e20 inj) must also be deposited. This can be deposited directly by you or in collaboration with other community members.

Voting Period

Once the proposal and deposit is submitted, the proposal will go through a four-day voting period.

33.4% of INJ holders must vote on a proposal for the vote to be considered, and 50% of those votes must be “yes” for the proposal to pass.

Voting Outcome

If a proposal passes, Injective contributors will begin to work together to put into effect the new request. If 33.4% of the total vote is NoWithVeto, quorum is not met, or the minimum deposit isn't reached, the deposit will be burned. All other vote outcomes get their deposits refunded.