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Staking is the process of locking up your assets (in this case INJ) in order to validate transactions on the blockchain. Users who stake their assets are usually eligible for staking rewards.

Injective follows a proof-of-stake mechanism, in which users can stake their INJ tokens with certain Injective nodes that validate transactions (validators). In return, the user can obtain staking rewards in INJ.

Stake INJ

Stake your INJ to a validator to start earning rewards.

Withdraw staking rewards

Rewards start accruing the moment you stake INJ. Monitor your rewards in the staking section of Injective Hub. Once you have earned a sufficient amount of rewards, you may withdraw them at any time.


Redelegating lets you instantly transfer staked INJ from one validator to another without undergoing the 21-day unstaking period.


Undelegating INJ is the process of unstaking your assets from a validator, which takes 21 days to complete.